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And to the Republic
The proud emblem of the United States of America, the bald eagle symbolizes the strength and character of a great nation. Selected by the Second Continental Congress in 1782, the eagle has served as the pride of America's skies and the living symbol of all that America stands for...Freedom, Courage, Strength and Spirit.

"When we awaken the sleeping lion of potential, it will spring forth with a mighty, joyful roar". "King of the Beasts", the lion has always been a symbol of great strength and courage. "Aslan" is the turkish word for "lion", and the name of the lead character in the Narnia stories by C.S. Lewis.

Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop, built in 1871 with logs and mud was a frequent stop-over for ranchers and cowboys on the old stagecoach road from Pueblo to Colorado Springs. I discovered the old smithy's shop on a weekend trip years ago and couldn't resist capturing its rustic charm with watercolor paints.

Whether reef diving for pleasure, exploring a cavern, or descending to great depths in search of lost ships or treasure, the diver is always challenged in his exploration of the wonders of the underwater world.

12 x 16" Framed

Dolphin Trio
Highly intelligent creatures who live in herds, dolphins are the acrobats of the sea and are often seen playfully swimming along-side ships. Related to white and killer whales, dolphins are a protected species throughout the world and have a voracious appetite, feeding on fish and crustaceans.

12 x 16" Framed

Edelweiss ("Noble-White") is a small white perennial flower which grows high in the Swiss Alps. In the highlands above the picturesque town of Grindelwald, the old wooden cabin sits idle until the Spring thaw. The majestic beauty of the Wetterhorn mountain provides the backdrop when the shepherd and goats return.

12 x 16" Framed

Egret and Heron
The White Egret and Great Blue Heron live and nest in coastal areas and along lakes and streams in North and South America. On a recent trip to Florida, I was impressed with the grace and beauty of these magnificent "wading birds" and painted the pair in "design style" with oils on canvas.

12 x 16" Framed

Beneath the surface of the ocean is a mysterious and awesome world. It is a magical place of kelp forests and coral reefs where exotic sea creatures swim in twilight darkness. The Garibaldi is a small bright orange fish which dwells among the seaweed in rocky pools and reefs along the coast of Southern California.

12 x 16" Framed

Palm trees, outrigger canoes, white sandy beaches and golden sunsets... Hawaii's lure of tropical weather, fragrant flowers and majestic scenery makes it a favorite location for vacationers and artists. A watercolor palette of ultramarine blue, veridian green and lemon capture "a moment in time."

12 x 16" Framed w/ Glass

In the "Golden Age of Sail" the clipper ship was king, sailing long distances over the open ocean, enduring life-threatening storms on the high seas to deliver cargo to ports around the world. Sailors risked their lives on the great "windjammers" with names like "Flying Cloud", "North Wind", and "Marco Polo".

I pledge Allegiance
Across this great country, people of every race, religion and vocation give proud allegiance to the United States of America. Men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, as well as firemen, policemen, nurses, and "hard hats" are America's unsung heroes in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave".

Indivisible with Liberty
The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor stands proudly as one of the most universal symbols of freedom and democracy. As a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States in 1886, the sentinel of Liberty reminds us of the great heritage and system of Justice that are the cornerstones of America.

Land of the Free
On September 11, 2001, people of every nation watched in shock and disbelief as the twin towers of The World Trade Center in New York were attacked by terrorists. It was a tragedy beyond comprehension. Out of the ashes, "Old Glory" waved over the ruins, reminding America of its hope for the future in "The Land of the Free".

North Shore
The north shore on the island of Oahu in the "Aloha" state of Hawaii is a surfer's paradise. Looking west to Kaena Point from the famous "Pipeline" surf spot, I painted "North Shore" as a "Plein Air" study in acrylics. Visiting the location a year later after the winter storms, the prominent curved palm tree was gone.

Old Leather
Dusty trails through high-country chaparral...endless vistas on the open range...cattle drive. Branding iron and rope, boots and saddle - tools of the trade - as the restless herd moves on. No urban cowboy, he's paid his dues and now the memories...of how the West was won.

Old Mill
On a summer morning in 1852, Fred Graue turned the wheel and opened the sluice gates for the first time. Grinding corn and grain, the Graue family provided a valuable service to farmers and merchants for three generations. The old four-story Mill west of Chicago in Hinsdale, Illinois is now a historical landmark.

One Nation under God
The Founding Fathers were men of Faith, and as their "Allegiance" was pledged to a new nation, they also were aware that their freedom and very existence was due to "Divine Providence" and favor. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution reflect their values and principles as they honored their Faith.

Point Loma
Point Loma Lighthouse was built in 1859 high on the Point Loma Peninsula at the mouth of San Diego Harbor. One of the first lighthouses built on the West Coast, its light was often obscured by fog and was replaced in 1878 by a lower lighthouse at water's edge. Late afternoon light, painted in oils and acrylics.

Portland Head
Built in 1791 on the orders of President George Washington, Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is the oldest lighthouse in America. Picturesque Portland Head still operates its light with the Fresnel lense giving magnification to the beam visible miles from shore.

Prairie House
Built on the prairie in the heart of the Midwest, the old farm house with white clapboard siding and shake roof was typical of country homes in the 1800's. Years ago on a visit back to my hometown, I gathered up my acrylics and painted the scene at twilight. Now gone, the house is but a memory of the "vanishing landscape".

Reef diving is an exhilarating and challenging sport for the diver in his exploration of the wonders of the underwater world. Exotic fish, sea creatures and colorful coral await discovery in this awe-inspiring and magical environment.

12 x 16" Framed

The shark is probably the most feared creature in the ocean. Although unexpected encounters can be terrifying and life-threatening, they are rare and the danger is relatively minimal. The great white, blue, hammer-head and thresher sharks are numerous and widely distributed in the oceans of the world.

12 x 16" Framed

Special Aslan Poster (including shipping)

Throughout the history of sail, "the race" has always been the supreme test of the physical and mental skills of the captain and crew. The high-stakes competition of the "The America's Cup" is the ultimate challenge for the sailor. The "starboard" tack around the last pylon can win or lose the race. 12 x 16" Framed

Stone Cottage
A spring day with flowers in bloom. A winter's evening by a crackling fire. Family memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Birthday celebrations and the 4th of July. A mansion on the hill or a stone cottage in the valley... "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."

Swiss Mountain
One of my favorite locations to paint, the Swiss Alps are magnificent in their awesome beauty and strength. In the shadow of the mighty Eiger Mountain, the wooden cabin on the highlands provides shelter and storage for the shepherd and his herd after the winter snow has melted and the grass is ready for grazing.

12 x 16" Framed

The Deep
It is called "the final frontier", with mountains and canyons in the ocean deep yet to be discovered. For the diver, the magical world of kelp forests, coral, and exotic fish is always a challenge which requires strength and courage to reach "beyond the limits".

The Umbrella
From an old sepia-tone photo in the family album emerges a picture from years past. Then, a transformation to color as loved ones in their youth "dress-up" with top hat and umbrella. With linseed oil and pigment... lemon yellow, viridian green and alizarin crimson, an "impression" is made...a memory.

12 x 16" Framed

The front view of the Point Loma Lighthouse is featured in this oil painting with back-lit ocean and brilliant sunset. Built in 1859 it was one of the first lighthouses on the West Coast. The Point Loma Lighthouse was de-commissioned in 1878 and is now part of Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California.

Born of the open sea and formed by the wind and the shape of the ocean floor, the mighty wave rolls majestically to shore. Its awesome beauty belies its strength. In a matter of hours a calm ocean beach can turn into an incredible display of power as massive storm waves crash against the shore.

White Horse
Inspired by monumental bronze sculptures in Greece and Italy, "White Horse" conjures up visions of mythology and ancient legends. To some it may be a faint memory of a beautiful summer night's dream and riding on the wind. To others, it is perhaps a vision of Revelation and the white horse and rider of the apocalypse...

Drifting sand forms picturesque dunes as wooden fences provide wind-breaks along the beach. A simple recipe for a watercolor study on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, the Dunes was a favorite spot for weekend trips with family and friends and an interesting location for painting.

12 x 16" Framed


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